Union Rescue Mission of Wichita, Inc.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings Life-Change Program

Homelessness is not just defined as a lack of shelter, food, or clothing. It also includes a need to build a new life–a need to walk away from a life of hopelessness.

The URM New Beginnings Program is a 12-month long, residential recovery program from homelessness. The program focuses on separate phases of recovery, rebuilding, restoring, and redirection of the student’s life.

To view a video demonstrating life-change stories from recent Program graduates, click here.

At the Union Rescue Mission, we believe the Bible holds the answer not only for eternal life but for every day life here on this Earth as well.

The majority of the homeless men who use the services of the Union Rescue Mission come to us with drug or alcohol addictions,and a large number of the men have combined addictions of both drugs and alcohol.

With that in mind, we set out to design a Life-Change Program that gets to the very source of the problem. Addictions typically are not the cause of homelessness–they usually just provide temporary relief from the emotional pain of a much deeper-rooted problem. We believe that only Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit can reveal the source of that emotional pain and bring about true healing.

Because of this, a large part of our New Beginnings Life-Change program concentrates on a biblically-based homeless recovery program that addresses issues that go all the way back to childhood, as well as working on re-building family relationships.

The New Beginnings Life-Change program was designed exclusively for the Union Rescue Mission of Wichita.
This 12-month program includes an intense, structured curriculum and daily homework, along with scripture memory. The program is designed to help students build a strong Christian foundation, and to help them resolve issues that compounded or caused their homelessness, including disfunctional childhoods, low self-esteem, substance abuse and emotional problems, in order to help them become self-sufficient, contributing members of society.

The instructors and counselors work with the students to teach them how to set and reach goals. Students of this Christian-based New Beginnings program learn to use Biblically-based principles to deal with anger management, low self-esteem, character training, decision-making skills, people-interaction skills, and budgeting and finances, just to name a few.

Part of the intense New Beginnings Program includes education, and career testing and counseling. Resident students learn computer skills, and are required to increase their reading skills to 12th-grade abilities, as well as GED studies when necessary. Students also learn life skills necessary to help them stay off the streets.

When a student reaches the final semester of the New Beginnings Program, the counselors and instructors work with, and test, the student to find, not just a job, but a career–based on God-given gifts, talents, and interests. We then help the student find a job in that career field, as well as independent housing outside the Mission.

The end result at graduation is students who choose many paths–pursuing further education, securing employment, finding and establishing church involvement, living independently and re-establishing family relationships.

The New Beginnings Learning Center is housed at the Union Rescue Mission’s Homeless Shelter at 2800 North Hillside, Wichita, KS.

For information on helping someone apply for the Union Rescue Mission’s New Beginnings Program, call Tom at 316-687-4673, or email tom@urmwichita.org.